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Click hereReyna designs interactive lectures for parents, students, and young adults.

Her favorite topics are:

Paying for College

Scared by rising tuition prices, families are frightened they won’t be able to pay for their children to attend college. However, with a few simple tips, they can save thousands for their children’s education without sacrificing their financial like. The talk includes how to start saving for college, find free help from rewards programs and tax incentives, pick colleges based on career goals and opportunities, and review and compare financial aid offers. This presentation is customizable for parents as well as students.

Taking Control of your Student Loan Debt

Federal student loans have more options for repayment than pretty much any other type of debt, yet borrowers  feel crushed by seemingly insurmountable mountains of debt. I’ve recovered from a default that occurred simply because I forgot to include one of 16 undergraduate loans when consolidating them into one. This talk goes over federal student loan options, budgeting for repayment, private student loan repayment options, default rehabilitation and borrowing new federal student loans.

Creating a Financial and Fitness Budget

Losing 100 pounds coincided with learning how to control my student loan debt. In three years, I organized my student loans, fixed my credit, and regained my health. I talk about the steps I used to personalize my budget, count calories, pick the fitness routine that’s best for me, and get my federal student loans out of default.

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