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Website correction for Ugift mentioned in CliffsNotes Parents’ Guide to Paying for College and Repaying Student Loans

Posted by: Reyna on Oct 16 2015 / Comments (0)

In the book, I mentioned Ugift, a program where were families who invest in particular 529 plans can create a code to accept 529 contributions from family and friends. 529 plan gifting for special occasions is an amazing way to fund 529 plan accounts. The correct website is

New Savings option from Upromise

Posted by: Reyna on Sep 10 2015 / Comments (0)

I’m a big believer in both personalized budgeting and free money. The new Upromise GoalSaver savings account allows account holders to set separate savings goals within the same account. Thus, you can save for a family vacation, it’s separated from the amount within the account you’re saving for your kid’s college education or to pay off your own student loans. You’ll be able to track how close you are to your goals, but more importantly, they’re giving you part of the money. The Upromise free rewards program allows you to sign up and earn cash rewards from online shopping that can be deposited into a variety of accounts, including this one. I’ve personally known individuals that have saved $300 annually without spending a dime beyond what they’d normally spend.

Checkout a New Video Course on 529 Plans

Posted by: Reyna on Sep 2 2015 / Comments Off on Checkout a New Video Course on 529 Plans

If you’re confused about college savings plans (529s) work, checkout a new free video course on 529 plans. The course takes about 15 minutes total. When you login, you’ll be able to go back and finish the course another time. You won’t receive any extra emails from providing your email address unless you opt in. If you opt in, you may receive an email from your state’s 529 plan.

Graduation Debt 2nd Edition Book Update: User ID Replaces PIN

Posted by: Reyna on Aug 20 2015 / Comments (0)

Luckily, this change is a fairly easy one. All the websites are the same, and you can still find all your student loan information in a few easy steps. You’ll just need to create a username to access your student aid information. Read the article I wrote for iGrad for step-by-step information for creating your username.

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